Chinese Restaurants You Must Visit When in London

As a city, London has a unique diversity that translates to some amazing dining options. One of our favorite options in London is Chinese food. We’ve chosen our top five favorite Chinese restaurants in London.

Barshu Restaurant


London's Top Five Chinese Restaurants
Photo courtesy of Barshu Restaurant


Focused on the flavors from the Sichuan province in southwest China, Barshu Restaurant describes what it feels is one of the world’s greatest cuisines.


The most famous characteristic is its fiery spiciness, which comes from the liberal use of chillies and lip-tingling Sichuan pepper. But hot and spicy is only part of the story. Sichuanese chefs are legendary for their ability to combine many different tastes into exquisite complex flavours. Some of these are robustly spicy, while others are delicate and teasing. And the use of chillies is so inventive that their taste never palls. In China, they say the variety of flavours used in Sichuanese cuisine is so dazzling that ‘each one of a hundred dishes will have its own, unique taste’.


Barshu delivers on all counts, from its lovely stylistic setting to its unending dedication to outstanding food.



London's Top Five Chinese Restaurants
Photo courtesy of Firecracker


Known locally for its New York City vibe, Firecracker prides itself on its fresh, contemporary, modern Oriental dining.


Firecracker’s modern oriental menu takes a modern approach to cooking, whilst maintaining the traditional recipes and ingredients that will fulfill your palates.


Their newer Kennington location has a beautiful outdoor space that’s a perfect spot on a nice day to grab a cocktail and some amazing Chinese food in a trendy, New York, club-like setting.



London's Top Five Chinese Restaurants
Photo courtesy of Hutong


Hutong isn’t known for its decor. Guests who return to Hutong because of the food which is why they earned their place on our list. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the aesthetics of the restaurant. It’s lovely and also has a great view (it is on the 33rd floor of London’s tallest building, The Shard, after all). This makes it a great setting for a special occasion, but as interesting as the setting is, it pales in comparison to what they serve.


Hutong serves authentic Northern Chinese cuisine in a stunning setting.


And how. Try to be in town for their Chinese New Year celebration, it’s worth if for the Lo Hei along. Lo Hei translates to “mix it up” and is considered to be a dish that brings good fortune and prosperity.

The Good Earth


London's Top Five Chinese Restaurants
Photo courtesy of The Good Earth


Long-established as a mainstay in London’s Chelsea, The Good Earth serves both modern and traditional Chinese cuisine in a classic setting.


For over 30 years we have strived to set the standard for Chinese food in London.


They’ve done quite well with this goal and their reputation speaks to their successes.


The Good Earth reflects the journey that Chinese food has taken in London. From traditional aromatic duck and dry shredded beef to contemporary dishes unique to us, like Wasabi Prawns and Golden Sands Dover Sole. Our family business prides itselfon building a reputation for exceptional food and service.


In addition to the one we’ve noted, they have three additional locations that also work to uphold the restaurant’s traditions.



London's Top Five Chinese Restaurants
Photo courtesy of Zing-Zing


An option you may not have expected on our list, Zing-Zing is focused on the takeaway rather than a dining experience in a restaurant, but their food is notable in and of itself.


Our aim is to become The Best Chinese Takeout in the World.


They’re well on their way. Imagine spending a day in London running around, shopping, maybe stopping off for a cocktail at the end of your outing, what’s next? How about settling back into your hotel and relaxing with some of the city’s best Chinese delivery. Zing-Zing has what you need!

So, tell us, where will you begin on our list of the top five Chinese restaurants in London? For more dining options in London, see our list of Michelin Star Restaurants in London.

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Chinese Restaurants You Must Visit When in London