Michelin Star Restaurants in Tokyo

The Michelin Star is a benchmark for fine dining.  Many cities are still awaiting a visit from Michelin to rate their restaurants, but not Tokyo.  Tokyo is one of the most popular destinations for the luxury traveler and therefore offers many fine dining choices.  Today, we’ve picked five of our favorite Michelin Star Restaurants in Tokyo and gathered them here for you!



Michelin Star Restaurants in Tokyo
Photo courtesy of Facebook/レストラン アルシミスト/restaurant l’Alchimiste


Self-described as creating in the style of “Gastronomie Pop” or pop gastronomy, L’Alchimiste wishes to appeal to the masses.  Chef Kenichi Yamamoto says that his “long dream finally came true when I opened this restaurant. I hope you enjoy our cuisine and we look forward to your visit.”  His mixture of Japanese cuisine with both new and old French influences has proven to be popular with guests.  As a result it’s first on our list of Michelin Star Restaurants in Tokyo.

Ogasawara Hakushakutei


Michelin Star Restaurants in Tokyo
Photo courtesy of Ogasawara Hakushakutei


The next restaurant on our list is housed in a historical building that was once the residence of Count Nagayoshi Ogasawara.  The Spanish-style building is a welcoming environment to all who opt for Ogasawara Hakushakutei’s modern Spanish fine dining in Tokyo.  Under the watch of Chef Gonzalo Alvarez, Ogasawara Hakushakutei welcomes guests “with his sensitive and deep dishes using the rich ingredients of Japan, formed from the mixture of modern technique and his basis from Spain.”



Michelin Star Restaurants in Tokyo
Photo courtesy of Karyu


Known for their beef specialties, Karyu is a meat lover’s paradise.  This alone put Karyu on our list of Michelin Star Restaurants in Tokyo!

Relax and savor the moment as you feast on unbelievably delicious morsels of WAGYU. Zen philosophy uses spring images of pink flowers and soft green willow branches to alert us to the wonders of nature and remind us to live each moment for what it is. That is the very sentiment behind the name and concept of Karyu.



Michelin Star Restaurants in Tokyo
Photo courtesy of Facebook/Sublime スブリム


When Sublime opened in 2015, owner Eiichi Yamada could not have predicted the great level of success he would so quickly achieve.  You will find a set menu that starts with novel appetizers followed by meat and fish dishes that are best described as memorable.  Also expect to find sauces that combine the experience of the Chef Junichi Kato who learned his craft in France and Denmark.  Michelin Star Restaurants in Tokyo couldn’t get any better!



Michelin Star Restaurants in Tokyo
Photo courtesy of Facebook/Tacubo タクボ


Tacubo brings more that just a taste of Italy to Japan.  The restaurant also combines the warmth of the Italian people with the beauty of Japanese service and respect.

The concept of newborn Tacubo, what I want to express is ‘nature’. It is a place to express customers’ experiences and to experience the taste and coloring of the season’s food ingredients, such as food, wine, bottles and interior, the beauty of nature, it is Tacubo, I think.


Are you ready to make your reservations at these Michelin Star Restaurants in Tokyo?  We sure hope so!  Thanks to Michelin, you can’t go wrong when searching for fine dining in Tokyo!

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Michelin Star Restaurants in Tokyo