Unique Concept Restaurants in Los Angeles

People in other parts of the country often think of California as a crazy, weird place. The tourism board has actually based entire ad campaigns around that idea. As such, California has a reputation of being a place where new things are created, new trends are set, and new styles are determined. Much like New York, Los Angeles restaurants are pushing the limits and experimenting with new food and unique concepts. We combed through the masses and pick a few of our favorite unique concept restaurants for you to try.

The Cannibal


Unique Concept Restaurants in Los Angeles
Photo courtesy of Facebook/The Cannibal Beer & Butcher


The Cannibal Beer & Butcher is all about meat and beer and beer and meet. Part butchery, part gastropub, and all great. This meat-lovers paradise is located in Culver City in the Platform Building. We think that they describe their unique meat-centric menu best.


Filled with every conceivable animal part, the menu drives a fine line between meat centric and meat crazy. Large primal cuts, such as, whole roasted lamb shoulders, braised pig’s heads, and whole racks of prime dry aged beef, is how our menu utilizes the whole animals received daily. Seasonality allows the vegetables to find their way onto the menu — we prefer to wait for mother nature to deliver the goods.


Pro tip? The charcuterie (as pictured) is epic. 


Another Culver City gem is in the Hayden Tract which is a former industrial zone that is now a design district. Destroyer LA is Chef Jordan Kahn’s minimalist, Scandinavian-style breakfast and lunch restaurant. Open during the daytime only, Destroyer’s inventive fare pays true homage to its Nordic inspiration. The Los Angeles Times notes that Destroyer “disrupts the idea of fine dining like nowhere else on Earth”, and they’re turning breakfast and lunch in LA on its ear.



Unique Concept Restaurants in Los Angeles
Photo courtesy of Facebook/Baroo Los Angeles


A mixture of Korean classics with a modern bent, Baroo describes itself as working to serve “food with respect & love to nature and people, we try to use local, sustainable, and organic ingredients with wit, open mind, free spirit and fermentation as much as possible.” The word “Baroo” refers to a bowl that a Buddhist monk is allowed to own and use for their meals until their death. The inspiration is obvious when you review their ever-changing menu.



Unique Concept Restaurants in Los Angeles
Photo by Jeff Elstone, Courtesy of Vespertine


Another effort by Chef Jordan Kahn, Vespertine is a blend of architecture and surrealist cuisine. While some reviews have been mixed, there’s no denying this is a unique dining experience. The space is unmistakably remarkable and the food is quite impressive and adventurous. We’d recommend a look through their Instagram photos as they’ll entice you to experience Vespertine in person. They describe themselves as “a gastronomical experiment seeking to disrupt the course of the modern restaurant.”

Spire 73



Perched atop the InterContinental Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles is Spire 73.


The tallest open-air bar in the Western Hemisphere. This rooftop lounge offers breathtaking views of the entire city, chic fire pits, signature cocktails and a wide selection of whiskey, as well as culinary expressions to rival the view.


Most feel that Spire 73 is more about the cocktails and the view than the food, but they’re mistaken, they’re surprisingly innovative for a hotel restaurant, the drinks and the view are just the icing on the cake!

Which concept restaurant will you be visiting? We’d suggest trying all of them. And, if you can’t get enough of the concept restaurant, before your next trip to New York, we’d recommend reading Unique Concept Restaurants in New York City.

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Unique Concept Restaurants in Los Angeles