6 Beautiful Watches for Both Wearing and Collecting

No one is saying the Apple watch isn’t stylish, but it is a very specific style. For those would like a design alternative to the iconic smartwatch, several watch manufacturers have debuted their own connect watches. These pieces allow wearers to do everything from receiving text alerts and making phone calls to storing private data.  Beautiful watches can also be smart watches!

Gucci x Will.i.am

Gucci teamed up with Will.i.am to create a designer smartwatch. The watch looks more like a wristband than a traditional watch face for a sleeker profile. The watch includes a front-facing camera, heart-rate and temperature sensors and GPS. The band will be 3G-enabled, allowing it to make calls, send texts and connect to social networks without being tethered to a phone. The unreleased phone currently has no price point.

Movado Bold Motion

The Movado smartwatch, the Movado Bold Motion, was engineered by HP and is both Android and iOS compatible. The watch combines both traditional and modern design for a smartwatch that is stylish and functional. The Bold Motion notifies you of phone calls, texts, emails, appointments, and social media alerts. The Bold Motion line ranges from $695-$895.

Guess Connect



The Guess Connect smartwatch allows you to answer calls directly from your watch, in addition to receiving notifications and alerts. Guess partnered with the California smartwatch developers of Martian Watches to create a smartwatch that incorporates tech into the popular Guess style. The Connect retails around $250.

Fossil Q Founder

The digital display smartwatch sold by Fossil boasts touchscreen technology. Because of the Q Founder’s digital face, the user is allowed to customize the look of the watch to suit his tastes. Analog for one outfit, digital for another. The watch is also compatible with many of Fossil’s existing watch bands. This watch is priced just under $300.

Tag Heuer Connected



The TAG Heuer smartwatch is predictably luxurious. The TAG Heuer Connected uses Android Wear technology to provide access to thousands of apps. The watch’s design shows the Swiss watchmaker’s 150 of experience alongside the cutting edge tech of the digital watchface. After the two year warranty period, owners are given the option to upgrade to a special edition Carrera. The TAG Heuer Connected sells for $1500.

Bulgari Diagono Magnesium Vault

Bulgari’s smartwatch offering, the Diagono Magnesium Vault, employs a NFP chip that allows the user to store passwords, pin codes, bank account numbers, as well as make contactless payments, open doors, and transfer data. The watch will do all this while maintaining completely mechanical movement, meaning no battery is required.

Whichever option you choose you will be sure to enjoy the latest technology combined with undeniable style!  Which of these beautiful watches would you choose?

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6 Beautiful Watches for Both Wearing and Collecting