Eco-Friendly Extravagance: 5 Most Beautiful Electric Cars

Driving an extravagant car can also be kind to the environment.  Give one of these five most beautiful electric cars a test drive; you can be kind to the environment while driving a gorgeous car at the same time.  Eco-friendly does not mean you have to give up your luxurious amenities.  These cars offer luxury with an environmentally friendly aspect. Here are our top picks for the most luxurious electric cars.


Eco-Friendly Extravagance: 5 Most Beautiful Electric Cars
Photo courtesy of Tesla


A car from Tesla is sure to be environmentally friendly. Tesla motors received recognition from Global Green as being one of the best environmentally friendly cars of the year. The Tesla Roadster is the world’s first all-electric car. It can reach speeds of 60 mph in 4 seconds and has a top speed at nearly 130 mph all on electric power. Its Lithium-ion energy system needs to be recharged every 3.5 hours but runs solely off the power.


Eco-Friendly Extravagance: 5 Most Beautiful Electric Cars
Photo courtesy of Volkswagen


Volkswagen offers some environmentally friendly options such as the Volkswagen e-Golf.  If you loved the Golf, you will want to give this one a test drive.  The e-Golf drives and handles like the Golf but it can drive up to 85-miles with just one charge.  With no tailpipe emissions, this is one eco-friendly car that you will love to drive. 


Eco-Friendly Extravagance: Nissan
Photo courtesy of Nissan


We could not leave out the classic electric car from Nissan.  You can get up to 107 miles on a single battery charge with the Nissan Leaf.  Again you get zero tailpipe emissions which makes this eco-friendly car one to consider when shopping for an all electric vehicle.  Take a test drive in this luxurious electric car.  We are certain you won’t be disappointed!


Eco-Friendly Extravagance: 5 Most Beautiful Electric Cars
Photo courtesy of BMW


BMW never disappoints when it comes to beautiful cars.  The BMW i3 is no exception.  This luxury car offers up all of the style you are looking for plus it was voted Green Car Journal’s 2015 green car of the year.  This luxurious electric car is one eco-friendly car that will turn heads!   


Eco-Friendly Extravagance: Fiat
Photo courtesy of Fiat


Want to go small but stylish?  The Fiat 500e has managed to carry through the Italian charm that can be found in their gas models to a small electric vehicle.  It is a small two door that is perfect for city living.  With its Italian styling, instant torque, strong and smooth acceleration and aerodynamic bodywork, the FIAT 500e is environmentally sexy and a most luxurious electric car.

New electric cars are coming on the market every year.  There is even a plan to have an all electric Porsche in a few years.  Keep watching for the all electric car of your dreams.  In the meantime, test drive one of these luxurious electric cars at a dealer near you. You can also visit one of the many auto shows presented around the world to see what is new in the field of luxurious electric cars. Many auto shows, like the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, have entire exhibits dedicated entirely to electric cars.

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Eco-Friendly Extravagance: 5 Most Beautiful Electric Cars