The Rise of Luxury Electric Cars — Who’s Leading the Race?

It seems as though we’ve been talking about electric cars for decades but today they’re becoming more of a reality than ever. While only 1% of the cars in the United States are fully electric – of the 17.5 million vehicles sold each year, several other countries are working toward plans to go fully electric in the next few decades. Those countries include Norway, France, India, Britain, and Germany with eight others having set very aggressive electric vehicle goals. Let’s take a look at the current leaders of the race in the rise of luxury electric cars (no, you won’t likely have to drive a Chevy Spark or a Nissan Leaf, unless you want to).

Tesla Model S


The Rise of Luxury Electric Cars — Who’s Leading the Race?
Photo courtesy of Tesla


The obvious leader is Tesla. They took great strides to show us that an electric car doesn’t have to look like an enclosed golf cart.  They have really produced some beautiful luxury cars. Their Model S not only became the most popular luxury electric car but also the best-selling luxury sedan in the US. It’s no wonder really, it recently won Motor Trend’s World’s Greatest Drag Race, beating out its gas-powered, luxury car competitors.

Lucid Air


The Rise of Luxury Electric Cars — Who’s Leading the Race?
Photo courtesy of Lucid


The up-and-coming Lucid Air is gloriously luxurious and currently accepting reservations for models.


The Lucid Air will provide superior comfort, a better user interface, and better performance than comparably priced luxury cars.


With a standard 240-mile range and an option for a 400-mile range battery, the Lucid is as powerful as it is beautiful.  It also has 400 horsepower rear wheel drive and a plethora of safety features. Not only is this true luxury on wheels, it is simply sexy.

Mercedes-Benz B250e


The Rise of Luxury Electric Cars — Who’s Leading the Race?
Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz


Having originally pioneered the fully electric vehicle in 1906, Mercedes-Benz is again in the lead pack of electric vehicle makers with its all-electric B250e that has an 87-mile-range per charge.


The B250e is easy to maneuver, eager to merge, suitable for most any commute, and simple to plug in and charge. Just two hours at a common public charging station can juice up its lithium-ion battery enough to go 60 miles.


As you’d expect, it’s styled as beautifully as any Mercedes-Benz and cradles you in their unmistakable brand of luxury.

BMW i8


The Rise of Luxury Electric Cars — Who’s Leading the Race?
Photo courtesy of BMW


For something a little (or a lot) sportier, BMW’s i8 fits the bill perfectly.


The long wheelbase, short overhangs, precise lines, and sweeping silhouette give the appearance that the BMW i8 is surging forward even when it is standing still.


BMW notes and adds that it’s that styling that provides for the vehicle’s efficient dynamics dedicated to reducing drag. This hybrid will take you up to 330 miles with its TwinPower Turbo engine ensuring that it is one of BMW’s Ultimate Driving Machines.

Audi e-tron Sportback


The Rise of Luxury Electric Cars — Who’s Leading the Race?
Photo courtesy of Audi


With a 310-mile range and an undeniable signature style, the Audi e-tron Sportback concept car is sure to move up in the pack. In addition to this beautiful machine, Audi is working toward improving their technology with things like wireless induction charging.


All you have to do is park the car on an induction plate in the ground; and nearly everything else happens automatically. We are also thinking of how to make our e-tron cars a more convenient experience, with solutions such as a stylish charging dock for home use.


Are you ready to make the move to a fully electric car, or at least a hybrid? With carmakers making more interesting and more luxury electric cars than ever before, the future looks electric. For more on developments in the auto industry, click here to see the most exciting automotive reveals we saw in 2017.

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