Our Favorites from the Geneva Motor Show

The annual Geneva Motor show was held in early March, and gearheads from around the world watched as brands unveiled their newest models.  Luxury automotive brands like Jaguar, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin debuted updates on previous models or entire new lines.  After studying up on the 2018 show, we present our favorites from the Geneva Motor Show.


The automotive industry is bubbling. Tomorrow we will change our habits and the way in which we consider individual mobility. The Motor Show is a testament to this evolution, offering us this year the 88th overview of all that’s new. The biggest global brands, numerous designers and accessory suppliers will make nearly 900 cars of today and the technology of tomorrow shine.

Ferrari – Ferrari 488 Pista



A 488 oozing high-tech innovations from motor racing. The 488 Pista features Ferrari’s most powerful 8-cylinder 3.9 V8 engine yet, generating a massive 720 hp, is 90 kg lighter than the 488 GTB and goes from 0 to 200 km/h in 7.6 s, reaching a top speed in excess of 340 km/h.


The Ferrari 488 Pista is the sports car for a driver with the need for speed.  The 488 Pista boasts the most powerful engine Ferrari has ever built.  The engine lives in an extremely light and aerodynamic body, allowing the car to reach speeds in excess of 211 MPH.

Lamborghini – Huracán Performante Spyder



Drop-top version of the high-performance Huracan model unveiled in Geneva in 2017. The 5.2 V10 engine thumps out 640 hp and comes with a new matching chassis. Lightweight throughout, thanks to a high proportion of forged composite and cut carbon fibres.


For sheer good looks, the Huracan Performante Spyder needs to top our list.  Of course, this is a high performance vehicle, but the aesthetics are what sold us.  The modern hybrid aluminum and carbon fiber chassis is paired with classic Italian leather interiors.  It is one beautiful car.

Jaguar – I-PACE “First Edition”



Jaguar’s first electric car features a new architecture and futuristic design language. According to the new WLTP test, the 5-seater’s 90 kWh battery delivers a range of up to 480 km. The I-PACE is a true sports car, managing 0-100 km/h in 4.8 s.


Jaguar broke into the electric market at Geneva this year when they unveiled the I-PACE.  Jaguar claims the vehicle’s powerful lithium-ion battery will last 240 miles on a full charge.  This will allow you plenty of drive time before you need to plug in.

Aston Martin – Lagonda Vision Concept



Revival of the Lagonda luxury brand. With its Lagonda, Aston Martin plans to launch an emission-free luxury brand. The Lagonda Vision Concept holds out the prospect of two potential vehicles scheduled to start production in 2021.


When we venture into the world of concept cars, the Aston Martin Lagonda is a head-turner.  The company is poised to bring back the classic Aston Martin name in a very futuristic way.  If completed, the new Lagonda would be the height of luxury sports cars. It would be an all-electric, zero-tailpipe-emissions vehicle to satisfy the eco-minded owner.  And for the lover of luxury, the car featuring luxurious finishes and fabrics, as well as rear seats that recline like those in first-class airplanes.

PAL-V – Liberty



This innovative flying car is a combination of modern helicopter technology and active tilting technology for road driving. Patented rotor folding technology ensures that the PAL-V Liberty, measuring 4 x 2 x 1.61 m, is well-suited for everyday inner city driving.


The most exciting concept car at the Geneva Motor Show was the PAL-V Liberty.  The auto industry has been striving to make flying cars a reality, and the Liberty may be a more positive step in that direction.  The autogyro vehicle hopes to receive its proper certifications by 2019, so the first customers can take ownership.

So, which of these are you most excited about?  You might also want to see our picks for the best electric cars in 2018.

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Our Favorites from the Geneva Motor Show