Transform Your Outdoor Space With These Bold Ideas

Once your dream home has been decorated to your heart’s content you can focus your attention on the outdoor spaces.  Front and back yards are wonderful features to have and can be designed in a myriad of different ways.  Turn the outdoor area of your home into your personal oasis. Transform your outdoor space with these bold ideas.

Pool with Movable Floors


Bold Outdoor Projects
Image via Twinscape


Enjoy the luxury of a custom designed swimming pool without sacrificing any of your outdoor space.  Hydrofloors® from Twinscape is a state of the art design that uses advanced technology to create variable depth swimming pool floors. With the touch of a button you can transform your pool from a deep diving pool to a kid friendly wading pool.  When the pool is not in use, cover the water completely to use the space as a patio area, dance floor, or even as a parking spot! Each project is custom designed to meet your unique needs.

Verdant Tennis Court


Bold Outdoor Spaces
Image via Home Stratosphere/Zillow


If  you love to play tennis, consider adding your own tennis court to your outdoor space.  Whether you are a competitive or recreational tennis player, having your own court will make it more convenient to play tennis any time of day.  Tennis is a great workout and a wonderful reason to invite friends over.  There are many different ways to incorporate a tennis court into your outdoor design.  Some grow vines on trellises to hide the court from view.  Others sink the court into the lawn to create levels in the yard and physically separate spaces.  Another idea, pictured above, is to have a verdant natural grass court that blends in with the rest of the lawn.  This court becomes part of the lawn, and the benches provide a lovely area for relaxing or game watching.

Fire and Water Features


Bold Outdoor Spaces
Image via Bobe Water and Fire


Fire and water combine to create beautiful, eye catching elements in outdoor design.  The Torcho 360 Degree Spill Water/Fire Pot from Bobe Water and Fire is an example of a design element that provides both the soothing sounds of water cascading with the gentle flicker of a controlled fire.  The two elements combined create a resort like ambiance in the evening.


Create a centerpiece to your outdoor design with our Torch 360 Degree water/fire bowl. Our seamless lip carries the water over the bowl and cascades down in a beautiful sheet. The fire element can be manually lit or remotely controlled and our Perfect Flame burner will delight the eyes with tall dancing flames.


Waterfall curtains are another attractive outdoor water feature to consider, and many of the custom waterfall designs now include fire options as well.

Hamptons Inspired Outdoor Dining Spaces


Hamptons Dining
Image via The Glam Pad


The ever popular destination spot, the Hamptons in Suffolk County, New York, is so iconic that it has inspired its own eponymous design style.  Outdoor dining spaces are an essential component of Hampton style.  Bring this style to your outdoor space to create a bold, immediately recognizable look.  Hampton styled designs feature minimum color use (think creams and naturals), wide open spaces, lots of natural light, and elegant yet comfortable style.  For more outdoor space ideas that are Hamptons inspired, see this article.

Unforgettable Patio Design



Create a patio design that is unlike any other.  A detached patio is grounded by a wall that separates it from other parts of the property. The wall also gives the space a room like feel.  In the photo example, a mossy green wall becomes a unique outdoor gallery with the additions of frames and mirrors.  Detached outdoor kitchens and pergolas are another way to create a unique detached patio.  We have 12 photos to inspire your patio design this summer if you are looking for even more ideas.

Turn your backyard into your own personal escape this year.  We hope these bold ideas for transforming your outdoor space will help inspire you as you consider all the options available.

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Transform Your Outdoor Space With These Bold Ideas